DIY Photo Booths Add Pizzazz to Your Shindig, Party or Reception

DIY photo booths… everyone’s doing them. You notice them at birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties and even wedding receptions. It’s a terrific way to share in the fun and to have guests interact with each other. One of the best parts is seeing everyone’s reaction on social media.

Granted, you can rent a photo booth, but the craze is really about DIY Photo Booth props. The beauty of DIY photo booths is you won’t need to spend a lot of money.

Do you want to know how to make a photo booth for a party? Need some ideas? In case you do, here are 10 DIY photo booth ideas to spark your imagination:

1. DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

Making a photo booth backdrop is simple. Start by decorating a bed sheet or large pieces of cardboard together taped together. You even can buy a couple of decorative shower curtains if you find a fun pattern.

Next, pick the perfect spot to hang it. You can create your photo booth against a wall or between two trees and attach the backdrop.

2. DIY Flower Wall Photo Booth

This idea kills two birds with one stone. It’s a beautiful display of flowers and a photo backdrop. Hang your favourite (plastic or live) flowers in a planter and attach it to an actual wall or a wall you create.

As a bonus, give your guests flowers from the photo booth as memorabilia.

3. Chalkboard Backdrop

The chalkboard backdrop is super simple to make. You’ll need to construct a wall, of course. You can either use cardboard or a sheet. Paint it. After the chalkboard paint dries, get creative with catchphrases of your own.

4. Hanging Fringe Backdrop

Martha Stewart has plenty of DIY photo booth ideas. She suggests decorating a wall with colourful collages using pinatas. Cut the pinata into pieces and glue the pieces to the wall.

5. Minecraft Balloon Wall

DIY Projects offers wonderful ideas for a photo booth. The Minecraft balloon wall is fun for all ages. You want the balloons in the same size, however. Keep them the same size by counting the number of pumps it takes to blow up each balloon.

6. Decoupage Dessert Table

Another tasty idea from Martha Stewart is to use a decoupage filled with desserts. Creating the scene is the best part.

Find pictures of delicious looking desserts and attach the images on a faux table. You can draw the table on the backdrop. Of course, you’ll need to enlarge the images to help cover the empty space on the wall.

7. Wallpaper Backdrop

To build a temporary backdrop, buy a roll of fancy wallpaper. Unroll the wallpaper and attach it to a rod. That’s it! By all means, paste the sheets together so it is as wide or as long as you want.

8. Cut Out Boards

Face cutouts are popular. With this in mind, you can either draw your faces or print out faces of your favourite characters. Place them on an oversized cardboard backdrop and let the fun begin.

9. Projector Style Backdrops

It can’t get any simpler than plugging in a projector and taking shots of your family and friends. You can choose among unique images in the city, country or in particular, with a celebrity.

10. Scrollwork Photo Booth

Personalize your backdrop with meaningful messages and dates. The scrollwork photo booth is perfect for weddings or anniversaries.

11. DIY Photo Booth Frame

Don’t throw away your frames that don’t have the glass in them anymore. Repurpose your frames or create your own. They are great DIY photo booths. In that case, decorate them with ornaments to create a one-of-a-kind photo booth.

12. The Photo Booth

Take it back to where it all started and close the curtain on your DIY photo booth. Ask your friendly appliance store guy for a refrigerator box and pimp it out. Paint it or use wallpaper, the choice is yours.

13. Paper Chain Backdrop

Everyone can get in on the fun with paper chains. Make them bright and colourful if you want. All you need is a cutter and a bottle of glue.

Image via Pixabay CC0 License