How to do 5D Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a well-known art form and artists from all age groups can participate! What makes this kind of painting interesting is that there are no paints or colors used to create a picture. The artists need to make the picture with the help of small diamond-like facets that are available in different colors.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do 5D diamond painting:

  • Buying a diamond painting kit

To start with diamond painting, the artistsfirst needs to buy a diamond painting kit. This kit has a canvas with a design chart, small facets in different colors, a pen, a tray, and wax or gel.

The small facets have 5D cuts on one side and are flat on the other side to be easily placed and pasted on the canvas. These facets give a dimensional and shiny look to the painting.

  • Understanding and placement of canvas

The canvas has a design chart. This guides the artistsabout what color is to be pasted in which block. Each block on the canvas has symbols or signs that depict different colors. The description of these symbols is also given on the side of the canvas.

The artist needs to read these descriptions and with the help of these, they need to learn how to use the canvas right.

After having a complete understanding of the canvas, it can then be placed on a flat surface where the painting can easily be done – like a table or desk. The canvas can also be taped on the table.

  • Application of diamonds

To start, the plastic part of the canvas must be peeled off first. If the artist thinks that they won’t be able to cover the whole canvas in one sitting, only that part should be peeled off that is doable in one time.

Next the diamonds of one color are taken and poured into the tray.

These diamonds are put on to the canvas as per the directions given on it. However, before starting to apply the diamonds, the pen is to be dipped in the wax or gel that comes along with the kit. This wax helps the pen to hold a grip on the diamonds and allows their convenient application.

The diamonds of each color can be taken one by one and pressed on to the canvas till the image is complete.

  • Finishing up

To finish up, the canvas can be covered with a plastic sheet or paper. After it is covered, the artist needs to press all the diamonds on to the sheet to avoid any loose diamonds. This can be done with the help of roller.

The canvas can then be placed under a pile of books overnight for more pressure and better pasting of the diamonds. The plastic or paper sheet can then be removed and the diamond painting is ready!

So, this was a small guide on how to do 5D diamond painting.

To preserve the painting, a frame can be added to it and it can be put on a desk or hung on a wall!

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