In the film and photography industry? Invest in a case 

As anyone who works in the film and photography industry will know, there’s a lot of tools to get around with. Trying to haul all of your equipment around can be hard work, but it is possible to do so. The main problem comes from selection of your storage equipment.

For example, some of us have a little bag for each of our items. We keep all of our cameras in one bag, lenses in another, tripods in another etc… Whilst that might seem logical, it can sometimes be easier to keep everything in the one case instead. Easily compartmentalised and laid out to make sure nothing gets mixed up, this offers a very useful solution for easy storage.

For one, you will find that anyone in the wider media industry needs at least one of each of their pieces of equipment for any given job. If you want to make sure that you always have every tool that you may need, then it can pay to invest in a case. Why?

Avoiding Disaster

Everyone in the media world will have done this at least once: leaving behind a key piece of equipment, possibly in another country. If you do this, you have a few options: you either need to go and spend some of your photography fee on a back-up; you could rent or borrow from another photographer that you can find locally; you could cancel the job and take the reputational hit, but to be sure to avoid this in future, you should invest in a case!

With a storage case, you can make sure that every piece of equipment for that particular job is in the one place. This stops you having to worry about carrying too much or leaving something behind as you forgot a particular bag. Now, you can easily bring every essential piece of media equipment in the one bag.

Added Durability

The best media cases are often made from metal, as it’s far more durable. A bag made from canvas or even leather might look the part, but they offer far less protection than you likely need. An aluminium case offers the kind of high calibre solution that offers extra protection to your luggage when you are in transit.

No more getting out at the airport and noticing that the heavy-handed luggage handler managed to break your equipment. If you choose to buy an aluminium case, you can keep everything together and avoid any irritating breaks or damage.

If you have to bring certain tools with you, it’s easier to have a ‘for-the-job’ custom aluminium case that has wheels, ample space inside and the perfect storage solution. Often, it solves the stress involved with packing up for a professional shoot. For any media type, you’ll know just how good that can feel!