Services Offered by Private Video Production Companies

Most people think that video production companies only work in studios and exclusively produce full-scale films and documentaries. However, not all video production companies work with film and television studios, as many of them offer a suite of different services to corporate and individual clients. Videos can be made for a variety of different purposes. They are most commonly used to spread awareness about a certain topic, or to guide viewers to do something in a specific way. Here are just some of the many different services offered by private video production companies.

Training Videos

Training videos are extensively used in the corporate, medical, health, and federal funding sectors. Whenever a new employee joins a company, they are shown a variety of training videos that make it easy for them to understand the day-to-day tasks. While making corporate training videos, the company might hire paid actors for the job. Or, you can ask them to make an animated video as well. Training videos that are used in the health and medical sector are usually animated to a certain extent, due to the fact that the video must show very specific medical procedures in complete detail. Famous video production companies such as offer a variety of training video packages to corporate clients.

Before production begins, the company works very closely with its clients to understand the nature of the job and then create a well-defined script that makes it easy for viewers to understand the procedures shown on the screen. The duration of the training video also varies; small ones are just a few minutes long, while longer ones can extend to an hour or more.

Marketing Videos

Audio-visual marketing has been around for many decades. After the television was released, it wasn’t long before TV advertisements became common. Today, you can easily hire a private video production company to help you create a marketing video. Companies can no longer rely on television advertisements; they also have to focus on online marketing to expand their business. Creating marketing videos that you can embed on your website is a great way to boost traffic and to increase your website’s ranking.

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Marketing videos are very different from training videos. The duration of an average marketing video ranges between one and two minutes. Marketing videos are designed to deliver a message to the viewers quickly. If you are releasing a new product, the video will focus on highlighting the salient features and the benefits of using that product.

Wedding Videos

Most video production companies also offer wedding video creation services. The company will create a beautiful video for the couple, highlighting all of their special moments. The video can be played on the big screen at the wedding. There are plenty of different ideas that can be incorporated in a wedding video. You can give pictures or small clips to the production company and let them process the video, or allow them to shoot the couple secretly and then make a compilation video for the wedding. The company might add custom effects to the video to make it look more appealing.