Take the Guide of Few Hints before Using Underwater Video Camera

Shooting underwater has become a passion, drive and hobby for many of them. This may be due to many reasons, but there is a need to go through many photos, videographers and their experiences to know using an underwater video camera. Here are a few hints that may be helpful in underwater video camera shoots:

Hold still

There is very much a need to avoid shaky movements. It is easy, after all you are amidst the water and so learning to being stable is very important. Generally underwater footage is believed to not create a rapid shake, so the cameras that are in your hands should be held still. Also the housing of the camera should be near your body so that you can stabilize easily or it is best to use a tripod.

Make sure the camera is steady focusing your subject to get a usable shot. On seeing the subject in the frame, count to 10 and avoid any sort of re-adjustment or even trying to zoom at that moment. The fact is that a shot that is full of shakes, slight moves or zoom is not worthy than a usable shot. it requires a few steady seconds.

Move a Little

Videos are interesting when they have variety of shots. So apart from being steady and nice, you can take few shots while moving. it needs a little practice with the camera in the hand as it may involve twist at the waist aiming to one side and unraveling slowing back to another side.

Bear in mind that your fins each kick will give the camera a moment of wobble, so plan your subject and get a strong start to film a stable shot, nice long one after initial kick. once you get the knack of it, you can try new attempts.