Time-lapse videos on your smartphone – Vital things you need to know on that

Traditionally, time-lapse videos needed too many equipments and too much time. But as more and more people shift to their smartphones for clicking pictures, there is a new wave of smartphone apps which accelerate the effect and make it more accessible to people who aren’t professional photographers. If you consider Hyperlapse, the new mobile app from Instagram, it lets you capture 45 minutes of smartphone video, speeds it up and stabilizes it only to let you share in the social networking websites. You can soon transform boring and shaky video of a person walking along the road into a clipping of movie at a frantic pace.

If you consider the mobile OS, iOS8, you can predict that they are all set to bring in a time-lapse feature to the camera app of iPhone. Although the technical details are not yet out, yet you can definitely wait for it. Here are few things that you should know about smartphone time-lapse videos.

No, time-lapse is not new

Georges Melies, the filmmaker, is often given credit about producing the earliest-ever time-lapse cinematography in 1897. Besides this man, there were other cases of time-lapse as well, especially in the scientific fields where photographers utilized the equipment called intervalometer to capture a series of still photos of plants and then speed them up to show how they react to water and sun. And nowadays, time-lapse occurs in commercials, films and also in the openings of Netflix series.

There are several apps for smartphone time-lapse

If you survey videographers, photographers, app developers, you will end up with a long list of mobile apps which can help you create the effects of time-lapse. Some other apps like the MIOPS Smart app on Android store allows your smartphone to play the role of a remote of a DSLR camera so that you can easily control your intervals of still image while you’re shooting with your DSLR. Instagram also offers apps for shooting time-lapse.

You require enough skill to shoot a pro time-lapse on your smartphone

If you’re getting ready for shooting a time-lapse, you should firstly get a tabletop tripod which can support the phone. Next you should determine the focal point and if you’re looking forward to capture the movement of the background, you need to adjust the focus of your smartphones. Watch out for constant lighting and if you don’t see it, make sure you move to a lighted environment. Also put the phone on airplane mode to avert interruptions.

Don’t overdo the actual time-lapse impact

There are video producers who have said that time-lapses have become a butt of joke in the world of videography just due to the fact that they’re overused. Hence, before you open that time-lapse app, question yourself what impact you’re actually looking for. Do you actually need it?

So, now that you know the tricks and ideas of capturing time-lapse in smartphone camera, what are you waiting for? Help yourself shoot the best time-lapse video ever by following the above mentioned tips.