Your Guideline for Special Event Photography

Shooting special events is a specialized gig in photography. The job can be challenging, as you have to give great images regardless of the event location or size. There are plenty of things pros like CM Images take into account when photographing an event, and here are a few of them.

Dress as if you are among them

As an event photographer, you can work in a t-shirt and jeans. But, as you get into special event photographing, you have to blend in among the crowd.  Of course, this may not necessarily mean a tie and a suit, but certainly black shoes and slacks or some dressy pants are a must. In case of higher-end events, though, women need to add a blazer, while men will need a suit coat and tie.  If you are uncertain of the attire, keep the tie, and remove the coat when you get there if appropriate.

Capture a few pre-event shots

Capturing a few pre-event shots is best. Generally, it is appreciated, as it usually only comes to your clients as an afterthought. The moment they see you have captured a few, you have proved value with your services.

No over-shooting

Event photography means focusing on great photos, but the priority is a good time for attendees. Taking the attendee’s photographs is advisable, but make a mental note and avoid capturing the same people over and over. Take posed shots and candids, if possible.  During reception and the cocktail hour, focus your attention on the stage. Crowd shots are nice, but follow the rule that when people are eating, your camera is on the stage and is shooting conservatively.

In a party, do not miss people laughing or even engaging with one another.  Everyone loves to see such moments. Keep your eyes looking around for these key moments. Stay prepared so that you do not miss them.

Deliver quickly

Providing the best photos usually means trashing half of them. This happens because there are similar photos or they are not perfect.  Taking three frames at an event of each group is pretty typical and so you can delete at least one from each group and, if possible, retain one. Your client looks for the cream of the event photos crop. For VIPs, leave extra frames if possible.

Once you edit the best images, bring your editing software with the images to your meeting with the client. Corporate events expect everything to be consistent and the photos will be processed in batch. Deliver your files quickly and earn your reputation.